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(701) Brown Set
(702) White Set
(701) Ivory Set
(702) Espresso
(2200) Burgundy
(995) Fabric
(995) Espresso
(702) Brown Sofa
(702) White Loveseat
(989) Brown Chair
(988) Burgundy Chair
(988) Ivory Chair
(988) Burgundy Sofa
(988) Ivory Loveseat
(701) Brown Chaise
(992) Khaki Chair
(989) Ivory Chair
(991) Chair
(991) Loveseat
(C048) White Ottoman
(C048) Brown Ottoman Dark Wood
(C048) Khaki Ottoman
(CF98) Camel
(CF98) Ivory
(CF99) Ivory
Ottomans and cocktail/end tables are available in various styles to match all our sets.

Items can be sold as a set or as individual pieces
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